A skincare brand thats a must..

I admit I'm a sucker for beauty products especially skincare.. I mean you only get one face right? Its so important to take care of your skin and use the right products.

I’ve definitely found that I’ve had clearer, brighter skin in the last few weeks since I discovered ARK Skincare. Each range is formulated to complement and enhance your skin through every life stage.

ARK use the most innovative natural ingredients to give you effective results whilst caring for the most sensitive skins.

My four step staple skincare routine starts with the products above. The age protect range is for younger skin- packed with essential nutrients that balance hydration for a clear complexion. The clear cleanser is soup free and full of omega 9 lipids, Vitamin E and B5, white tea, watercress and nettle horsetail. It lathers into your skin so well and feels gentle whilst banishing skin impurities and excess sebum- its my new best friend!

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The age protect vitality moisturiser is loaded with peach lipids, avocado oil, vitamin B5 and E, white tea, creatine and anti-pollution algae. It has plumped my skin and made it feel super soft and hydrated. Its rich in antioxidants and provides daily protection from the urban environment. The packaging is genius as the cream sits in an airless jar designed to fully evacuate leaving no wastage.

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The skin perfect exfoliator really does make your skin feel PERFECT! I was going through periods of having really fine tiny bumps over my cheeks that felt rough and looked irritated. The triple effect exfoliator has Abyssinian Oil, bamboo, alpha Hydroxy Acids from bilberry, sugar Cane, sugar Maple, orange and lemon to create exceptionally smooth skin. After my first use I couldn't believe the smoothness of my skin- it was like milk and honey! A real life savour!

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Lastly the skin perfect hydration injection masque. It’s so rich, melts into the skin and really makes you look luminous before you’ve even washed it off! Packed with Abyssinian Oil, vitamin A, B5, C and E, sugar Beet and Hyaluronic Acid Booster. This intensive multivitamin masque quenches, plumps and restores skin. Its an ideal weekly pick me up for when skin is looking tired/ stressed or lacking radiance.

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I’ve noticed a real difference in my skin thanks to these life saving products and can't wait to try out more of the ARK skincare range.


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