A long weekend in Marrakech

There’s so much to see in Marrakech, it would be a crime not to explore. It's one of my favourite places to go at the beginning of the year when you are craving some vitamin D, a quick easy escape that's not too far away and a guarantee for some sunshine.

We left London during the big snow blizzard AKA the beast from the east, and couldn't be happier to escape to warmer climes. The moment we stepped of the plane we took in the warm air and the smell of dates, spices, woven baskets, and leather.

Being able to enjoy breakfast outside in the sun in February felt too good. We stayed in a beautiful hotel called the Palm Plaza which was in the new town and slightly hidden away from the Medina mayhem. The hotel was perfect with a huge garden surrounded by palms, banana plants, and dusty orange sun loungers. Every corner had authentic Moroccan styled interiors and the staff were super friendly.

We enjoyed soaking in the sun and drinking buckets of fresh Moroccan mint tea.

Late afternoon we drove into the old town of Marrakech. Instantly you're surrounded by the busy, dusty, noisy, beautiful, intense, fun and charming mayhem. I slipped into a light breezy dress which slightly covered me up- blondes always seem to attract the attention of the Moroccan men which didn't stop them trying to sell me off for camels to my boyfriend...

Into the souks, we went. So much colour, spices, rugs, poufs, baskets, throws everywhere.. I’d say the very best time to visit Marrakech is when you have a new home to decorate. But make sure you bring extra luggage. And don't forget to haggle, they will try to rip you off but just keep grinning and you will eventually get the price you want and as long as they are making a profit they will be happy.

Yellow lounge set- Oysho

We tried to visit a well-known restaurant called La famille in the middle of the Medina but both times we went we got sent away due to no space and a cue coming out the door. It was obviously amazing food as it was recently featured in Grazia for the best Moroccan cuisine. That will definitely be on the list for my next visit- make sure you pre-book!

Instead, we found a beautiful hidden rooftop restaurant called Color Safra. Away from the hustle and bustle it was quiet and lit up by candles, we sat under a large straw umbrella surrounded by sequin cushions, Persian rugs, and purring cats. We ate grilled hake and had a selection of pea, aubergine and carrot dips which were so fresh and delicious.

When the clouds came in we decided to go on a little adventure and rent a couple of quad bikes in the Sahara Desert. Little did we know there was going to be an unexpected torrential downpour of rain and wearing only denim shorts and a denim jacket I was soaked right through. Luckily the instructor lent me his Nike tracksuits for the ride back. Embracing the soggy boyish look we zoomed through the dunes back to base.

On our final day we ventured back into the souks in the early morning which is definitely the best time to go, the soft morning light shines down on the dusty streets and colourful alleyways. It's a lot quieter and less hectic. We went to a wonderful restaurant called Le Jardin which was another hidden gem surrounded by palm trees and tropical plants - It was like stepping into a Jungle and the best part were the free roaming turtles passing your feet as you ate, felt like we were in Bali again.

On our way back to the main medina, we got a little bit carried away with the spices and filled my basket with bags of cinnamon, chilli, green tea, the famous Moroccan spice blend, eucalyptus crystals, perfume soaps and jojoba oil - it was well worth it.. the smell of my luggage was amazing afterwards.

We picked up our final cups of cane and pure date juice from the little side stalls, I became hooked on their smoothies which they sell for around 30p a cup! How could you not become hooked... London smoothies nowadays are so £££...

Dress- Zara

Bikini- St Lucia Bay

Top- HM

Trousers- Marella

Dress- Juliet Dunn London

Denim Jacket- HM

Bikini- St Lucia Bay

Untill next time Marrakech..

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