Bathing with Ark

Because what are evenings in November for…

I usually only run baths in the colder months (or on holiday when the tub’s so big it’s just begging for it). Long nights, cold days, bad skin, dry hair… The reasons to soak in a myriad of bubbles, oils and creams are endless at this time of year. Plus nothing beats a long, steaming bath when you have delicious new products to try.

Which is why I was super excited to write this post and show you my new bath time favourites from ARK skincare. I tend to think like a cook when it comes to bath ingredients and toss as many potions and lotions in for the perfect flavour and of course lighting candles in every corner for the ultimate relax..

This gentle soap-free body wash has Sea Minerals, Coconut and Shea Butter in, it Produces a luxuriously rich lather of bubbles for the bath and leaves my skin feeling so soft and hydrated.

I've been using the nourishing body lotion on my skin after bathing which has a lovely rich texture and absorbs easily on the skin. Its deeply moisturising with Shea butter, Kukui and Coconut oil.. tempted?

Imagine the rich warming smells of Nutmeg, Cinnamon & Clove, mixed with Vanilla and spicy Orange.. basically Christmas in a jar! Warm and spicy smells make the bath that much harder to get out of..

Candle number two has warming and uplifting scents of Rose, Jasmine, and Orange Flower, with Patchouli, Clove & Frankincense. These candles together smell like an Alpine cabin-come-apothecary shop.

I finish my pamper session using the nourishing hand and nail cream with Raspberry and Cocoa Butter that intensely hydrates and protects my hands during the colder months. In a handy sized tube- this comes everywhere with me!

All these products are from ARK Skincare, an award winning brand I truly believe in. They use bioactive natural ingredients, containing highly effective antioxidants, lipids and vitamins. They ensure their formulations are free from parabens, SLS, mineral oil, S.D. Alcohol, Formaldehyde, and Artificial Colours & Fragrances.

They have a family of every day products for all ages and lifestyles! Links attached throughout my post to each product but if you fancy taking a look at all the other goodies, here ya go..

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